Monday, April 18, 2016

Blood Tests, Holter Monitors, and CT Scans. Oh My!

     The second trimester has done nothing short of kick my butt!   It seems like every time one health issue is resolved, another one arises.

It started around 22 weeks when Sascha left to go to Vegas for a frisbee tournament. I started having contractions, and that's zero fun. ESPECIALLY at 22 weeks. Luckily they stopped on their own so I just went in the next morning to get a NST (non stress test) and to check the length of my cervix (and it's a healthy 3cm long if anyone is wondering) 

Then at 23 weeks I started passing out. It started while I was at the temple with some friends, then it happened again a few days later, then again, and again. 
This has been going on for about a month now with my symptoms slowly getting worse and they still can't figure out why.  They have run every single blood test they can, I've had a Holter Monitor, gotten a CT scan, my doctor has been very thorough and is super willing to work with me, yet the only conclusion we can come to is that apparently I'm Pregnant, with twins at that. My passing out and getting sick is apparently just how my body is handling the stress of being super pregnant and man do I feel SUPER pregnant. 

Here are some fun belly photos from my second trimester. I seriously feel like I can't possibly get any bigger, but I always do! 

This last one is me at 27 weeks as I officially enter my 3rd trimester!! Woo!! 

Sascha and I are incredibly nervous about their arrival, but also so so so excited. I don't think I've ever anxiously awaited anything with more excitement as I am finally getting to hold these sweet babies in my arms. 

We are finally getting our apartment all ready for its newest little residents and as stressful as that is, this nesting is NO JOKE. Saschas not a fan of it because the intense need for nesting combined with zero energy leads to me sitting on the couch asking him to do everything haha. I have to give him major props though,, this pregnancy hasn't been great to either of us. He's such a trooper for putting up with my mood swings, constant need for attention, and so many other "perks" that come with having a pregnant wife.  I picked a really good one.