Friday, August 21, 2015

The HoneyMove

     Now that we finally have Wifi in our new apartment, I can finally post!!! So for starters, we got married!! WOO. but I will post more about that later once I have more time. Let's start for now with the drive back out to Utah. With band camp for Sascha starting on Monday, we decided to combine the drive with our honeymoon for now, giving you The HoneyMove.

     This is gong to be a short post, because the drive was super uneventful and boring. We got away with no tickets this time, and I of course slept for most of it. Sascha was amazing enough to do most of the driving.  We drove from my parent's home in Aiken, SC to Topeka, KS the first day, and then we made it to Provo, UT the next.  

and to make up for the absolute lack of anything exciting in this post, have an awesome video. 


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