Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kami and Sascha go to the Zoo!

(Shoutout to the Zoo Atlanta employee who can't work a camera)
Being in a long distance relationship sucks, being in a long distance engagement really sucks, but Sascha and I try to make the most of it and see each other as much as possible and do as many things as we can together this summer. Including but not limited trips to the zoo.  The zoo is probably one of my all time favorite places. I love animals and I love being able to see them so up-close.

Sascha and I had a lot of fun at the zoo, even though it was pouring down rain over half the time and by the time we got done both of us could hardly walk our feet hurt so bad. 

At first the rain super bummed me out because I thought all the animals would go inside to get out of the rain, but watching lions, gorillas, and giraffes play around in the pouring down rain probably made this one of the best zoo trips I have ever had. (Especially the giraffes, watching them run is almost surreal and cartoon like)

Not my favorite moment at all, but the biggest moment for me was feeding the birds. If you know me, you know that I have an irrational fear of the feathered spawns of satan, and yet I managed to get close enough to feed one, and I even have a smile on my face.

Sascha's favorite part though was hands down the reptile house, we spent about half of our time at the zoo there, so a little over an hour. I will never understand this guys love for the scaly and slimy, but he sure does adore the creatures.